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It’s our choice.  It’s up to each and every one of us together to live and change for the House of WE.  WE can build a better world out of the ashes of  creative destruction. We can choose purpose over profit, passion and artistry over productivity, elegance over efficiency, slow food over fast food. Bigger is better is dead. White is the new green.  Quality of life is the new American Dream. The economy of engagement is the new Made in the USA. Hanging on to a crumbling status quo will not make you safe. It’s already too late. You can’t stop the forces of change once they are in motion. Watch for the signs of the new world order unfolding, and adjust accordingly. Become a connoisseur of CULT-oure. Read the hand writing on the wall. Be the handwriting on the wall. Adapt to the demands of  Creative Darwinism. Become an artist of life. Grow your own. Be a true original. Unite, destroy, create, sustain, imagine a better world and do one thing every day to make your House of WE a reality. Do it for the many, not the few, and in collective cooperation.  Make friends with the unknown. Stand up. Stand out. Let go of the drama. Enter the fifth dimension and then invite your friends over for a home cooked meal. Be open.  Be flexible.  Be agile. Dance. WE are all starting from scratch, starting today.  This chance may not come again in our lifetime. This is the dawning of the new Age of Aquarius.

  • Share or Die

    sharing economy

    The new WE-Conomy possesses opportunity for everyone, everywhere. By marrying passion with technology around different applications of sharing, anyone can find a path to success in our new world

    Below are some key rules of We-Commerce that any entrepreneur, big or small, can do to succeed in the year ahead:

    1. Share ideas. Co create with consumers and community
    2. Share commerce. Build businesses based on sharing
    3. Share Purpose. Give back to community.
    4. Career Share. Become a gig worker or offeror of services in the new economy
    5. Share Failure. Embrace failure to imagine and co-create what will succeed in the future.
    6. Share Vision. Become a beacon of inspiration for all to aspire to. Share the rewards that can come from embracing change and the tenets of the new economy
    7. Share Disruption. If the old rules don’t work, share a passion for breaking them to find a new way forward

    Billee Howard is Founder + Chief Engagement Officer of Brandthropologie, a cutting edge communications consulting firm specializing in helping organizations and individuals to produce innovative, creative and passionate dialogues with target communities, consumers and employees, while blazing a trail toward new models of artful, responsible, and sustainable business success. Billee is a veteran communications executive in brand development, trend forecasting, strategic media relations, and C-suite executive positioning. She has a book dedicated to the study of the sharing economy called WeCommerce released in December 2015 as well as a blog entitled the #HouseofWe dedicated to curating the trends driving our economy forward. You can read more about “WE-Commerce: How to Create, Collaborate, and Succeed in the Sharing Economy” right here! Want to work with Billee? Learn more about our approach to collaborative branded content and digital storytelling. To schedule a 15min call with Billee click here

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