Made In The USA

Return on insight is the new ROI. The Economy of Engagement is the new Made In the U.S.A.

  • Which America Do You Buy?

    While you’re thinking, listen to what the Boss wasn’t buying.


    With all due props to Bob Hope’s sincere Banyon blue suit, the Candyman’s lapels, and the one hundred percent made in America whatever it was that Carol Channing was snugging up in, these are just the last tremors of a dying American industrial wasteland, that was already passing away, even way back in 1984.

    Alex and Ani point to Age of Aquarius America that is rapidly approaching.  What we will make in the USA of tomorrow is passion instead of polyester, engagement instead of alienation, creativity instead of cardboard cut outs, and clean, positive energy, instead of ecological degradation.

    Alex and Ani are not sponsored by the US Department of Labor, either…

    And they didn’t put O.J. in their commercial.

    Just sayin’.

    Here is how Alex and Ani’s CEO and House of We WEcon Carolyn Rafaelian sees it:

    Extra Credit: What do Simplicity Vacuums  have in common with Alex and Ani’s many charms?

    Just like  Alex and Ani, at Simplicity Vacuums, bigger is better is dead. In the age of Aquarius, Made in the USA will go back to the future, and focus on the small and the specific, not the large and the generic, just like Riccar Simplicity Vacuums does. Their motto: “At Riccar, we are driven by one passion – to make world-class vacuums.”

    Now that doesn’t suck.

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    the time is now for the new made in the usa!

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