Economy of Engagement

The Economy of Engagement tears down the walls between people and brings us together into a co-created House of We.


  • Which is the Bettter Holiday Deal?

    Here is an NYC  classic to put you in the giving spirit


    In the  economy of engagement, shopping small is the new shopping big, because you get more for your money than a discount X-Box when you support a local small business.  Shopping small buys you  an enriched local economy, an increased diversity of hand made, one-of a kind, locally created products, not to mention a big box of  community connection that makes every holiday ever green, and more meaningful.

    Here is how President of American Express and House of WEcon Susan Sobbott explains this  in holiday shopping

    In Waterbury Vermont, cash mobbers have found a way to make the holiday shop small spirit last all year long

  • World Grease or World Peace?

    Here is a musical hint, live from Berlin


    Pink Floyd tore down the walls between  us and them, thought and expression, freedom and control. Lay’s Potato Chips Do Me a Flavor campaign crumbles the walls between people and product, between consumer and creator, and brings people of different countries, cultures, cuisines, budgets and beliefs together, into an economy of engagement and co-creation, where everyone has a vote, and  recipe to bring about a wetopia of snackitude.  Now, nobody ever again has to eat just one.

    This is how Salman Amin, Chief Marketing Officer of Pepsico sees it



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