In the House of We, brands gather people together into cults of mass individualism through passionate connection.

  • Is Anonymous the New Celebrity? (Answer)


    One from the archives, on the House. This isn’t the first time Ohio has been a battleground state in the service of a more perfect union.




    In an age that worships fame, Anonymous has turned celebrity on its head, becoming recognized by being unrecognizable, famous for being unknown, indistinguishable rather than distinct from the many. Anonymous is no one, and everyone, and it’s my guess that Sheriff Abdalla, however sleuthworthy, is going to have a pretty tough time tracking down a metaphor for the new and awesome power of shared information wearing a really spooky mask..

    We, all of us in the service of an idea that is  larger than ourselves; who see a wrong and try to right it; who see a need and try to fill it; who imagine a better world and try to build it, wield the power of anonymous, the power of ideas, the power of the House of We, who celebrate innovation, collective and creative action,  transparency,   honesty, kindness, and justice for all.

    And for all those who seek to live in the shadows, and trample on the rights of the many in order to maintain the power of the few, here’s a musical reminder from the You Tube generation


  • Cult or Cardio?

    Here is a hint from the grunge gallery…


    When you blend passion with artistry, spirituality with total experience management, you get legend- -you get a MASSterpiece, you get Nirvana Unplugged.

    By placing a high volume,, high energy fitness trend into a personal, intimate and sacred context , Soul Cycle has created cardio CULToure so powerful and persuasive that  even a square  like Harry Smith is drinking the Kool-Aid .

    Here’s how Soul Cycle co-founders and House of WEcons Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Hill see it

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