Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction calls out with a warm and blank canvas and an opportunity to create anew.


  • Holiday Givebacktivism

    There are still tons of shopping days before Christmas, but already the House of We’s curated list of noteworthy acts of #Givebacktivism is growing fat. Just another sign that small in the new big, local is the new global, and in today’s WE driven culture, the love you make truly is equal to the love you take.

    What acts of “Givebacktivism have you experienced this holiday season?

    Snowing Money at the Mall of America

    On Black Friday, Serge Vorobyov , a 29 year old car hauler from Apple Valley who lost his car hauling business, and his wife, (who also took the cat), threw his last one thousand dollars from the fourth floor of the Mall of America while a choir sang “Let it Snow”.

    “I thought I’d just spread some holiday cheer, be positive, and kind of like pay it forward and make it snow money,” Serge told mall police, who later arrested him and charged him with Disorderly Conduct.  Serge is also banned from the Mall of America for a year, but he’s always welcome in the House of We! Hang in there Serge the Car Hauler, and remember, no man who gets over half a million You Tube views in one day is ever really alone.

  • Creative Destruction and Why Failure is the New Success

    Nothing changes until it has to. This is true of people, of companies, of cultures, governments, and even of Mother Nature herself. If the Colorado River had never gotten stuck between a rock and a hard place on it’s way to the Sea of Cortez, it would never have sculpted the Grand Canyon. If Steve Jobs hadn’t dropped out of college and gotten fired from his own company, we might never have experienced another great wonder of the world, the i-Phone.
    We are currently in the midst of a period of disruption and creative destruction. The old tenets, institutions and systems have failed. We as a culture and an economy are stuck between a rock and a hard place, and just like the Colorado River, the only possibility for success is to innovate a new course through the mountains.
    As we move toward a society ruled not by the few but by the many-the ability to sit back and rest on one’s laurels as an established brand authority will cease to exist as a viable alternative. As we shift from consumers to artists, and from a manufacturing to a sharing economy, success will demand that everyone strive for the insurgency of a challenger, even if they are the established incumbent. The future favors those who are not only able to survive periods of disruption, but consciously seek it out in order to remain creative, innovative, and competitive.

  • Which Team Are You On?


    Occupy Steubenville is both an inspiration and a warning to all of us in the House of We, because it demonstrates the awesome extent of our power. When the new economy of engagement flexes it’s muscles, creative destruction occurs. In an instant, the ancient and inviolable power pods of Ohio Valley football crumble.   In their place a new global alliance forms- -a new cult, devoted not to home town or home team, but to a common sense of truth and justice, and a collective desire to co-create a new and improved vision of the American way.

    The world has changed forever.  We can never go home again. No one can act with impunity.  Secrecy and silence are a thing of the past. The House of We is watching. Anonymous is legion, does not forget, does not forgive, stands united, and is divided by zero.

    Heads up to the House

    Remember the House Rules!  Work together for the good of the whole House in the service of an ideal that is larger than yourself. Forget this guiding principle, and the  power of WE  degenerates into the power of ME only with a different mask. The old order triumphs, and the opportunity to change the world for good is lost.

  • What does Levis know that we don’t? – Answer


    Here’s a hint…


    Levi’s knows that Braddock, Detroit, Flint, Gary, Motor City, and all of the manufacturing ghost towns of today are the Paradise Cities of tomorrow. The House of We has already chosen it’s pioneers, who go forth in their 501’s to build a better economy, by hand, out of the rusted beams and crumbling smoke stacks of creative destruction.



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