Creative Darwinism

Hanging on to a crumbling status-quo will not make you safe. Its already to late. Watch for the signs of the new world unfolding and adapt to the demands of creative darwinism.


  • Holiday Givebacktivism Part 2

    Paying it Backward

    A new trend is taking hold at the Chik-Fil-A in Houston, Texas- -Paying it backward. Started by two high calorie inspired givebacktivists who paid for the meal of the people in the car behind them, people began spontaneously returning the favor, until eventually, the givebacktivists could go home as there was nobody left to pay for. Everybody can order whatever they want, nobody pays for their meal, and everybody goes home happy and filled with the spirit of giving. That’s what we call a first rate House of We holiday feast in the House of We.

    Apparently, the empty calorie empathy is infectious, and recently, similar incidents have been reported at Starbucks, McDonalds, and Steak ‘N Shake.

    Four Stars for Fast Foodism

  • Which is the Real New Morning in America?

    Here is some Dead Live to bring you back and forward, and give you the long and short of it





    Micro-brews were the standard bearers, introducing the new dawn of micro-brands and artisinal production into the waning afternoon of big brand mass production. Dogfish Head, the ” off-center beer for off-center people” took the concept of craft beer to a whole new culinary level of excellence, brewing small batches of a wide variety of exotic beers, and even including molecular archaeologists in the produces who are able to determine the ingredients in urns found in the tombs of ancient kings in order to resurrect the recipes.

    Beyond producing a superior gourmet beer, Dogfish Head understands that they are selling more than suds, they are selling an experience, and an engagement with a select fringe cult that stands apart and above the mainstream.  From the elan of  including a ferry ride from Jersey to Delaware in it’s brewery tour, to partnering with paradigm shifting musicians to bring their respective communities together in collection co-creation to invent the next flavor and experience, Dogfish Head has reinvented beer because it imagines new experiences that beer can conjure which no one had ever thought of before. By creating a secret club of like-minded enthusiasts brought together to enjoy the new artisanal suds, Dogfish reinvented a category while also inventing a new passion and an explorative “jam” endeavor– once only associated with music. A new American Beauty was born.

    In a release, Grateful Dead’s legacy manager, David Lemieux, explained the band’s reasoning for launching a beer:

    “We’ve looked for a long while for the perfect brewery to team up with for a Grateful Dead-inspired brew, and feel we’ve finally found the right fit. Aside from Dogfish’s history with music-themed brews, we love their beer, and think it’s the best around. Plus, these are really good people and are the type of folks we want to work with.”

    Fans will have to wait until December to submit their ingredient suggestions, which they’ll be able to do online. A panel of representatives from both Grateful Dead and Dogfish Head will select the winning ingredient, and the fan who submitted it will be invited to help brew a test batch. American Beauty is expected to be ready by October of 2013, and will be sold through the 27 states in which Dogfish Head is sold.

    Finally, a beer for DeadDogfish Heads!  And in an interesting deja vu all over again  side note, the  American colonists brewed their own beer and drank it for breakfast for generations in order to fortify themselves for the hard work required to build a new nation.  In the House of We, we think that micro-brews like Dogfish Head really are the new morning in American,  that will ultimately put us  back to work building the next vision of made in the USA.

    Here are a couple of other Dogfish Head muses to get your toes tapping while you’re sipping your suds.

    Bitch’s Brew inspired by Miles Davis

    Faithfull Ale inspired by Pearl Jam

    Hellhound inspired by Robert Johnson

  • How Did Four Lines Drawn in the Sand Rewrite the Future?

    Here is some musical data about how little things make a world of difference



    Last weekend Norman Joseph Woodland, the father of the Barcode, passed away at the ripe old age of 91 without much fanfare.  This despite the fact that without Norman Woodland’s long and interesting, but relatively unremarked life, the world would be a completely different place than the one that we know now.

    In 1948, while a graduate student at the Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia, Norman and his friend Bernard Silver overheard the owner of  a grocery chain begging the dean to put his students to work on a system to capture product information automatically at check out. The dean was apparently underwhelmed, but Norman and Bernard became obsessed and set to work on devising a way to communicate product information electronically right at the cash register.  Their initial efforts did not meet with much success. Then, one day, while lying on the beach, Norman began to sketch the Morse Code in the sand, and accidentally let his fingers drift. When he looked back down at what he had drawn in the sand, there were now four lines where once there had only been the dots and dashes that had eluded their attempts to render them readable electronically. The Barcode was born.

    In the  decades that passed until the first pack of chewing gum was officially scanned at a Marsh Supermarket in Ohio on June 26, 1974, the Barcode, and Norman Woodland brought about the invention of a multitude of game changing innovations including the very first machine that could read electronically, which evolved into the computer, laser light, DNA banding, and the global adoption of the UPC code, which has ushered in the age of big data, the impact of which we have not yet even begun to fully grasp.

    Norman Woodland’s miraculous life and unheralded death teach all of us in the House of We about how one thing leads to ten thousand others, about how little is big, and how in a world governed by the forces of Creative Darwinism, four lines written in the shifting sand can quietly and permanently change the world.

    Here are a few more Barcode innovations that will blow your mind.

    And of course, some things never evolve, like conspiracy theorists who have had fifty years to get used to the idea of a Barcode and still see the mark of the beast.

  • Which way do you lean?

    Here is a hint


    In the House of We, it is not about leaning left or right, or even forward or backward, but about evolving, changing, transforming, and breaking on through to  a more perfect vision of a new and improved future.


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    way cool to apply evolution theory to new creative revolution. Super intrest8ing. Also love Felix B. Redbull stunt was CRAZY

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