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  • Why is a Picture Now Worth 7 Billion Words?



    JR was a street graffiti artist for ten years before starting his People’s Art Project with the intention of inspiring the world to participate in a global work of art, and turn the world inside out   The idea has gone viral, and now communities from Nashville to New York, Israel to Palestine, Capetown to Tokyo are coming together to co-create their own people’s art projects under the umbrella of JR’s Inside Out concept, making a statement of their own choosing, and using themselves and their communities as a canvas.   The power of JR’s street art is an inspiring reminder that art is more powerful than aggression, and that when we join together to own our images and express our truth and beauty in the streets, we really can change the world from the inside out..

    The Inside Out Project’s most recent installation was a photographic tour of all five boroughs of New York, where the victims and heroes of Hurricane Sandy offered their images as a reflection of their resilience, kindness, resolve, and courage.  The life-size images were then plastered all over Times Square to remind the world of the enduring spirit of New Yorkers. Inside Out is also the subject of a documentary of the same name currently  being featured at this years Tribeca Film Festival.

    To find out or join in with the Inside Out Project, visit

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  • Is Anonymous the New Celebrity?

    One from the archives, on the House. This isn’t the first time Ohio has been a battleground state in the service of a more perfect union.


  • Artist in Residence: Mr. Brainwash

    For the last two decades, street artist Thierry Guetta, a.k.a. Mr. Brainwash,  has been takin’g his brand of deconstructed pop art to the people, and making art an opportunity for engagement, and connection in a whole new way. Mr. Brainwash’s “street art” has modernized the Warhol factory of the sixties, and brought the pop art movement and creative revolution full circle.

    “The street is the street. It belongs to nobody—it’s for everybody. The street is not mine, so when I put [art] out there, it belongs to the street. The street is alive and street art is not meant to live forever—it [can have] a very short life or a very long life depending on what happens. You can do a beautiful piece one day and the next morning it can be gone because someone didn’t like it. The beauty of it is to accept that the street is the street. The street is an open gallery that people are going to visit even if they don’t want to.”


  1. rdk72

    mr brainwash is a modern day warhol. so cool and influencing so many others. his gig at art basel was phenomenal

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