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Putting the She Back in Chic

Not only is there a new sharing economy brewing that doesn’t worship the me at the expense of the we, there is a new definition of woman cooking that no longer requires us to put he over she.

The seed of female royalty and strong, determined femininity that Katherine Hepburn and Meryl Streep planted in African Queen and Out of Africa, is coming to fruition in new and powerful ways today.

We most palpably see this in the arrival of Lena Dunham, who appeared on the cover of Vogue, not as the next ravishing and under nourished beauty, but as “the voice of a generation” thus letting us know that the new haute couture is between our ears. The new vision of ideal womanhood is less Kardashian than Kerouac.

The arrival of Lena Dunham has ushered in a new idea of what girls should aspire to and become, redefining the Carly Fiorinas and Meg Whitman vision of success in a male world as masculine and polarizing. Now femininity, vulnerability, and yes, even being a little plump is powerful.

As we approach a 2016 Presidential election that for the first time in history favors a female candidate to win, Hollywood is taking note and shining its spotlight on celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, not for their beauty but for their artistry, and not for how they look on the outside, but for how they think and feel on the inside.

Today’s woman is thoughtful, artistic, resourceful, independent, and ready, willing, and able to contribute and compete on an equal level with anyone else in the House of We, regardless of her size.

Today, being a woman is not about allowing yourself to be sublimated, but enabling yourself to be sublime.

Color We Purple

Purple is not a primary color, it is a spectral blending of the stability of blue with the energy of red, which combines to create a regal color known to stimulate the imagination and inspire high ideals. So it’s no wonder that purple is quickly becoming the color palate of the sharing economy emerging in 2014, and the new banner color of the House of We.

Radiant orchid has been dubbed the pantone of 2014, which is a beautiful metaphor for the emerging brilliance of our artfully inspired new world. GM has launched the new Chevy Spark model in an array of funky colors with the top pick among critics being the “Grape Ice” shade. Honda followed suit with a Midnight Plum Pearl shade for it’s Fit line. And the color doesn’t leave the luxury market untouched, with the Porsche and Jaguar launching amethyst metallic offerings for 2014.

As art’s intersection with commerce continues to rise, purple is popping up in our food revolution with everything from purple corn and tomatoes to cauliflower. Lilac eye shadow is the new hue to ring in the new year of purple ahead. And even music and entertainment makes it’s way onto the world’s purple stage with Deep Purple’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Borscht Corp’s short film Yearbook being hailed at Sundance.

So whether it’s clothing, bedding automobiles, cosmetics, fashion, accessories, or paints, purple is the hue that will be coloring our immediate future, embracing us in its creative richness and pushing us to all find the artist within today to imagine a better tomorrow.

As Alice Walker said in her acclaimed novel that pays home to our new favorite hue:

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple and don’t notice it.”

Wise words to pay heed to in the year ahead!